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What We’re Doing

Looking Forward

Spring 2013  Leading Women Project, LEAD OUT LOUD Survey will be launched. The survey for women 14-24, will help shape the tools and resources for women will be able to access our website and in our upcoming book.  

Looking Back

December 18, 2012  LWP Christine discussed the differences between leadership and management at a seminar for non-profit directors at Women’s Way of Philadelphia.

November 14, 2012  LWP Janet spoke to the WINS, a select group of Women in Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin on topics including leadership, gender issues, career choices and self-leadership.

November 7, 2012  LWP Janet spoke at the Harvard University School of Public Health on issues facing professional women.

October 25, 2012  LWP Christine had an article published in the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal entitled “Give More than Money; Get more than Thanks.”  It makes the case for philanthropies and concerned citizens to think about new relationships.

October 6, 2012  LWP Christine represented the Women’s Campaign Fund, where she serves as Board Vice-Chair, at the Baltimore NOW Young Women’s Leadership conference.  She talked about the need for more women to think about running for office.

September 6, 2012  LWP Christine led a discussion at a women’s leadership session at Ashland Chemical in Wilmington, DE.  She talked about the history of women’s affiliation groups and the keys to women’s higher representation in industrial organizations.

July 29, 2012  An OpEd written by LWP Janet, “Women Can Have it All, But Not All at the Same Time“, was published in the Austin American Statesman. It discusses how feminism embraces a woman’s power to choose and how it’s up to each of us to make the choices that fit our lives and not let popular media or societal pressures dictate these choices.

June 13, 2012   Through Endeavor, a global resource for entrepreneurs, LWP Christine provided strategic consulting services to Shonaquip, a Cape town South Africa provider of services and equipment to the physically challenged.

June 6, 2012  LWP Janet attended the Vital Voice Global Leadership Awards  in Washington, DC and the book signing event for Vital VoicesPresident & CE)’s book, VITAL VOICES: THE POWER OF WOMEN LEADING CHANGE AROUND THE WORLD. Speakers included Ambassador at large for Women, Melanne Verveer.

May 29, 2012  LWP Christine attended an event sponsored by Women’s Way of Philadelphia which showed the film Very Young Girls which reveals use of young girls as prostitutes in the United States.  It was shocking to see what goes on in our cities and the lack of choice or positive futures available to these children.

May 22, 2012  LWP Christine is a member of a philanthropic giving circle called Global is Local in the Philadelphia area.  This group of women meet several times a year to hear about organizations doing work in developing countries.  At their annual investment meeting they voted to provide money with Wello, a woman-run start up providing novel water solutions in India and Vision Spring, an enterprise that provides business opportunities for women to provide reading glasses and other vision products in Latin America and India.

May 16, 2012  LWP Christine attended the annual Women for Women International luncheon in NYC.  She was able to reconnect with people she has met through travels with WFWI in Rwanda and Bosnia and hear about the work of this fine organization going forward.

May 16, 2012  Night Out with Meaning, Philadelphia Cricket Club: LWP Janet and LWP Christine shared their stories and what led them to explore ways to help other women be successful and start  the Leading Women Project.

May 8, 2012  LWP Janet spoke to Women in Science  group at Novartis Pharmaceutical about “Leading Through Change”. It is common for companies to undergo change on a regular basis – reorganizations, rapid growth and downsizing. Equipping yourself to lead through change is vital to personal and professional harmony and growth.

Apr. 2, 2012  LWP Janet and LWP Christine attended the annual fund raiser for the Women’s Campaign Fund  in New York.  This event highlighted the work of retiring US Senator Olympia Snowe and the courage of Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke.  They both chatted with the wonderful Lily Ledbetter and met a number of other women candidates that are on the rise and worth watching.

Mar. 27, 2012  Vision 2020: LWP Christine attended a White House briefing in Washington DC sponsored by Vision 2020, an initiative pushing for equity for women by the year 2020. Presentations were made by White House staff, including Cecilia Munoz, the Director of the White House Council on Women and Girls and chief of Staff to the First Lady, and Jon Carson, the Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Mar. 8, 26, 2012 , Endeavor Global’s Austin City Event, LWP Janet conducted a workshop for a select group of Endeavor entrepreneurs from around the world, addressing the challenges entrepreneurs encounter and sharing the skills  to be a business success.

Feb. 2012 LWP Christine appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Women’s Campaign Fund, a national non-partisan organization dedicated to getting more women elected to government office in the US.  Women hold only 17% of elected offices in the US, putting us roughly 90th on the world list of women’s representation in elected governments

Feb. 24, 2012  LWP Christine led a discussion on “Finding Balance” for the SSS Fellows in New York This elite group of early career women professionals is looking to understand all of the life issues they will see in their careers.  Balance to LWP Christine is a concept to be viewed over the total life and may not occur within a particular day, month or even year.

Jan. 26, 2012 , Congregation Beth Israel (Houston), “Empowering Today’s Woman” panel focused on ways the women can help each other achieve self-leadership in their careers, finances and volunteer activities. LWP Janet shared her experiences helping women around the world and talk about the role of Leading Women Project in helping every women find their voice and become their own leading woman.

Jan. 19, 2012 Austin Women in Technology (AWT), a non-profit organization of women interested in technology that provides opportunities to foster personal and professional success through connections, learning and leading.  LWP Janet was asked to give the keynote speech at AWT’s are 10th anniversary event to talk about women, leadership and how to expand your career and personal leadership growth.

Dec. 5, 2011 NYC film premiere, In the Land of Blood and Honey, directed by Angelina Jolie. LWP Christine and LWP Janet attended the screening of the movie, which tells the story of a Bosnian Serb and Muslim who fall in love before the Bosnian war. The movie depicts how the war impacts each of them in unexpected ways, in a society where neighbors, friends and relatives turn on each other based solely on ethnicity.

Nov. 21, 2011 Progressive Women in Politics event. LWP Christine and LWP Janet attended this event featured Senatorial candidates Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Tammy Baldwin (WI). These are two dynamic, articulate women who have vision, charisma and progressive, result-based plans that will change the tenor of the political dialogue.

Nov. 14-16, 2011 Texas Conference for Women, Houston, TX. The conference is the state’s largest event of its kind with more than 6,000 attendees, offering community and connection, information and inspiration to women from all walks of life. LWP Janet is part of the TCW Social Media Street Team,  helping spread the word online about this empowering resource for women.

Nov. 13, 2011  Women’s Campaign Fund, New York, NY. LWP  Christine joins the WCF Leadership Circle Briefing, featuring Glorian Steinem, celebrating WCF’s 37 years of investmenting in talented women leaders like special guest, U.S. Senatorial Candidate Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin.

Nov. 2-4, 2011 Havard Kennedy School Women and Public Policy  As a member of the Women’s Leadership Board,  LWP Janet attended the meeting, where topics included the 2011 Equality and Development Report, modern political issues and how women can gain power through body language.

Oct 21, 2011 The University of Texas College of Pharmacy, Professional Development Speaker, “Leading Women in Science” LWP Janet shared her passion and experience for ways to advance women. Many of the challenges women face are also experienced by men. For those issues that are unique to women, it’s paramount that men be aware and empowered to take action. The talk covered topics including the wage gap, tools for effective networking, communication tips and the importance of following your personal passions and becoming your own leading women – and man.

Sep 11-17, 2011 Women For Women International, Journey to Bosnia (LWP Janet, LWP Christine) WFWI focuses on helping women in post-war countries developing job and life skills to help them meet their families’ basic needs. The trip focuses on engaging with women in the program, participating in and conducting workshops. This follows our trip last year with WFWI to Rwanda.

Jul 2011, AAPS News Magazine article, “Leadership Coaching Helps Bolster Careers“, features LWP Janet, who discusses building a strong leadership presence, the role of coaching and benefits of mentoring for both the mentor and mentee. The full article can be accessed at

Jun 28-30, 2011 ENDEAVOR Annual Summit, conducting workshop “Metrics to Ensure Success”, LWPJanet, LWPChristine At the 2011 ENDEAVOR GLOBAL summit,  entrepreneurs from around the world could attend sessions on relevant topics and functional skills, while making connections with the industry experts, Endeavor network members, and fellow entrepreneurs. LWP Janet and LWP Christine participated in mentoring sessions and led workshops that were filled to capacity with ENDEAVOR Network Member, discussing how to fuel the success of companies in emerging markets that in turn create jobs, drive economic growth, and foster sustainable economic development.

Jun 24-26, 2011 N.O.W. 2011 National Conference,  Tampa, FL; conducting workshop,UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Women’s Equality in Public Office and on Corporate Boards LWP Christine, LWP Janet At this year’s National Organization for Women conference, LWPChristine, LWPJanet along with co-panelists Vanessa Briggs and Mayra Uribe discussed women’s progress in business, academia, non-profits and politics. Tracking the progress (or lack of progress) over the last 50 years the panelists shared personal experiences and suggested ways for people to challenge themselves and others to help women progress towards a truly equitable existence. We have to think far outside the cultural box that constrains us all. Bottom line? It’s time to stand up, make noise and take our place at the table.

Apr 11, 2011 ForbesWoman blog, “Working Hard was Supposed to Lead to Equity. It Hasn’t.” LWP Christine describes after decades of working hard and following all of the rules on achieving success, women’s equality is still unfinished business. In 2011, there are only be 15 women CEOs in the Fortune 500 and only 17% of the US Congress are women? While there have been improvements, to our daughters the walls still look high and the journey difficult.

Apr 7, 2011 Feminist Majority Conference, Women, Power & Money Summit, Washington, DC, LWP Christine The Feminist Majority—publisher’s of Ms Magazine—presented a conference on Women and Power.  The timing—during the 2011 budget debate—and the speech by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi focused on the actions by many in congress to eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood and other women’s health initiatives.  The call to action was clear for all.

Mar 9, 2011 Women’s History Month Speaker, PECO Energy, Berwyn, PA, LWP Christine Women’s History Month recognizes the contributions that women have made over the years. This talk highlighted women’s progress in politics and business in the US over the last 50 years, starting with JFK’s Commission on Women headed by Eleanor Roosevelt, initiated in 1961.

Jan-May, 2011 Global Awareness and Leadership (GALS) program facilitator, sponsored by Women’s Campaign International LWP Christine Women’s Campaign International (WCI, has implemented an adolescent global awareness and advocacy program that target at-risk, young women in Philadelphia, who are eager to tackle gender and leadership issues locally and globally. The GALS leadership series aims to broaden the horizon of young girls by building their capacity to serve as community activists and competent global citizens.