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Watch the Flight Attendants

Christine Jacobs

My first airplane flights were very uneasy times.  I was afraid to move out of my seat for fear of tilting the plane.  And the noises!!!  With every creak or a flap change or sense of turbulence I would grab the armrests and hold my breath. Observe the Experts How did I get over this phobia?  By watching the flight … Continue reading

What Do I Want to Do?


LWP guest blogger, Hannah, has provided wonderful expertise and support to advance LWP’s social media As a recent college graduate, I have been facing many major career questions.  What do I want to do?  Is it ok to get a temporary job?  Is interning worth it?  If I don’t get a job in the field I want now, will I … Continue reading

Flip the Scipt

Christine Jacobs

At The Leading Women Project, we like to think of each life as following a script.  Not a script written for you in which you are merely acting a part, but a script that you can write and rewrite to suit who you are as an individual and what role you want to play.  You get to choose the cast … Continue reading


Janet Walkow

       Be Your Own Valentine -2012 Edition Growing up, Valentines Day was barely a blip on my family’s radar. It amounted to a quick peck on the check and a hug. Sometimes my dad would surprise us and buy almond bark from Kegg’s Candy, dark chocolate, of course. We knew that this was really for Mom, but my brother and … Continue reading

Thinking Differently

Christine Jacobs

          … and Feeling Alone Ever sit in a meeting or class and wonder why everyone else thinks true and you think false?  Or, everyone else says hire this person and you think “ick”?  Or, everyone else says “great idea” boss and you see many downsides to the argument that are just not being addressed? This one used to hit … Continue reading

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Christine Jacobs

           …..NOT This week when NJ Governor Christie did not like a question put to him by a woman at a Romney rally he responded:  You know, something may go down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart.  He followed up with a clear cogent comment, but why make a snotty gender-focused comment first? Call … Continue reading

Make 2012 Your Year

Janet Walkow

It’s early in the new year and it’s already started – continuous ads and gimmicks for getting back in shape, losing weight, quitting a bad habit, becoming more organized, overcoming financial challenges & debt and appreciating friends and family. Don’t get me wrong. These are all laudable and customary areas to enhance, but will they provide a way for you … Continue reading

What Do You Want?

Janet Walkow

Last week, LWP Christine and I found ourselves at a most unusual venue – the Holiday Ballroom Dance Classic in Las Vegas. How did we end up there? Sophia, the Dancer During our recent trip to Bosnia we met “Sophia”, who was one of the women in our group. We immediately hit it off and during the group introductions, each … Continue reading

When Did You Know?

Janet Walkow

I was having lunch with a colleague, communications expert and good friend of many years, Jill, sipping seltzer water and savoring my Mexican food when she popped the question, “When did you know that you were a leader?” I sat silent, trying to go through my memory register to recall the moment I realized that I was a leader. I’m … Continue reading

Taking Control

Christine Jacobs

What’s Can You Control? You cannot control the weather but you can remember to carry an umbrella or wear weather appropriate clothing. You cannot control where you were born or wrongs done to you in your youth.  But you can control your outlook on your future and what lessons you learn from your past. You cannot control your height or … Continue reading