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We tend to think of our lives moving forward and everything that happens as being additive.  We make new friends and learn about new ideas.  We start new jobs and move to new homes.  The memory of who we were stays with us. But, is that who we want to be?

Finding You


As part of my personal journey, I like to treat transitions as time for great reflection.  Did I like everyone in my life at the old job, the old school or the old house?  Or, were they in my life solely by circumstance?  Am I where I want to be in my life? Did I like who I was or is it time for an attitude or behavior adjustment?

Think about it.  If in your old life, were you the party person or the somber student or the smug know-it-all, or…???  Who do you want to be in the next phase?  You really can make a change.  How do you want to be viewed in the new arena? The people who knew you best may make the transition with you.  Some of the memories may be lovely and others will make you cringe.

Tools in the Tool Box

When I have left companies, I spent time thinking about what I have seen and learned.  What did I want to carry with me?  Which leaders taught me things I want to add to my own tool box?  Which leaders exhibited behaviors that go on the list of things I will never do?

Transitions are not always easy.  I love the often paraphrased expression about transitions that “when one door closes another opens but being in the hallway is hell.” Try to make good use of your time in hell.

I am still me when I come out the other side of a transition.  Just a new and improved version.

Christine Jacobs is an experienced corporate executive and a co-founder of Leading Women. Read her full bio.

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