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Note to Women: VOTE

No, this is not a political ad. You won’t be asked to consider voting for a particular candidate or have your view swayed on a particular topic. I promise. What I will try to convince you of is the importance of voting, whether you are a majority, minority or apathetic. No one is truly ambivalent and your voice should be heard.
Talking to women around the country, it’s clear that they don’t like what they see – or, should I say, what they don’t see. While women represent the majority of voters, elected officials aren’t reflecting what their views. Why? We’re not electing folks who look like us or are being held accountable to us or our issues. ¬†Only 16% Congress are women and this is down from previous years. Women have a variety of concerns – childcare, equal pay, healthcare – but many legislators either aren’t addressing them or moving the clock back. According to the book, The F Word, one reason women aren’t voting in large numbers is related to the fact that women/3rd wave feminists aren’t coalesced around core issues that would stimulate them to vote.

Some Statistics

  • 65% of women polled believe this country is going in the wrong direction
  • Women make up 51% of U.S. population. We have influence
  • More than 50 million women aren’t registered to vote
  • Unmarried women are almost twice as likely than married women not to vote
It all comes down to choice. You need to be in the game if you want to win – you need to vote if you want to be heard. Many of us are frustrated. Politics and politicians don’t`reflect what we want. Elected officials must serve their constituents or face losing their office. Vote for someone who represents your view. Make them accountable. Vote.

Janet Walkow is the Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer of the Drug Dynamics Institute at The University of Texas and a co-founder of Leading Women. Read her full bio.

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