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 Why you should care

Voting is a very personal thing.  Individually we have issues we do not know enough about to care and those which are our personal litmus tests.  For example, when debating between two candidates who seem to each have pluses and minuses, I have a friend who uses taxes as the tie breaker.  Who will cost her less in taxes?  I may not agree, but I understand her algorithm.

Let’s Elect Women

I do have strong opinions on a number of key debates and have been getting more involved in a number of political issues.  My real passion these days is getting more women elected to public office.  I do not agree with all women on all issues, but I do believe—based on my business experience, readings and personal beliefs–that more women in office will change the tone of the public dialogue.

I am now on the board of the Women’s Campaign Fund, a national organization seeking to get more women of both parties elected to public office.  I like the other board members and the people in the organization and I believe in the cause. This is truly my passion but what is yours?

Your hot buttons

You are busy in your everyday life.  School, work, family and friends all may seem more important than paying attention to the endless campaigns or the stalemates in Washington, the protests in Madison or the special ballot measures in Mississippi. However, all of these arenas affect you.

Out of college and still on your parent’s health insurance? Thank the Affordable Care Act that you are not paying $500 a month for your own insurance.  Have a medical issue where an insurance company is sure to have to pay a large amount?  Thank the same act for keeping your pre-existing condition out of the discussion. This law is currently being appealed to the U .S. Supreme Court and is a hot topic on the campaign trail.

Social Security and Medicare are also hot issues.  Those of us in our 50’s and beyond like knowing that the funds we have paid into for years will be there for us when we want to tap into them.  But will the retirement of us Baby Boomers mean the death of the programs for our children?  How do we view these programs and who controls the decisions?

No Easy Answers

These issues and many others are being decided for you, by elected politicians.  They affect your life whether you want to stick your head in the sand or not.  There are commonalities among many politicians but there are also differences.  Pay attention.  If you do not understand the issues and end up voting for the candidates not aligned with your positions, you can bet that someone else will.  And, you may not like the answers.

Learn about the issues and vote.

Christine Jacobs is an experienced corporate executive and a co-founder of Leading Women. Read her full bio.

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